Game Controls and Hardware

Start USB Gamepad Wizard

If you want to use regambox with usb gamepads and you don't like the default setting you can modify it here.

Switch to Pi2Jamma or PI2SCART Mode

This mode shutdowns the pi2jamma control key demon pikeyd. Now the control interface is free and other hardware like pi2scart addon can be used. Default mode is automatic. This means the attached hardware is recognised automatically. Turn explicit settings if you know what hardware you are using (no, this is not self evident :)) and save 3 seconds boot up time.

Configure USB Gamepad

Take this option and select from a list of pre configured USB pads like snes usb pads, xbox360, c64 mini joystick and more.

Switch to 3 Button, 4 Buttons or 6 Buttons

Use this opion for lr-fbalpha. The default setting put fire button 1 to arcade control panel button 4. Correct, if you now have a 3 button panel you can not play any game. Use this option then.

Check Pi2jamma

Simple tool to check your buttons.

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