Autostart Feature comes up nicely. If you want to start your pi2jamma with a specific game, then use the autostart feature.

Use this step to configure autostart via menu

  1. Select and Start game for autostart
  2. Goto Configuration - Gamelists Menu - Autostart - Turn Autostart On

The alternative approach is using the regamebox.conf file itself. Be sure that the correct regamebox.conf is used. If you use an USB Stick, then use the regamebox.conf on the USB Stick (/rpi2jamma/regamebox.conf), otherwise on the sd card (/boot/regamebox.conf).

Edit the following parameteer


Specify 1 for yes and 0 for no autostart.


Make sure that a complete path to the rom is given. The last folder of the rom must be the emulator name according page.

Further you can specify this parameters AUTOSTART_NO_QUIT=„0“

Specify if it should be possible to exit from autostart game or not via shortcut. Hence one can still exit by going via F1 to retroarch menu and quit there.


Specify if Splash should be shown or not.


Specify if Loading Screen should be shown or not.

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