Adding Games to Regamebox

Next adding games to your Regambox is described. Please copy roms to the folder rpi2jamma/roms plus the folder name in the table below.

i.e. Copy roms for atari2600 to folder rpi2jamma/roms/atari2600„ on USB stick. In the Pi2jamma distribution the path for the USB Stick is /mnt/sda.

System Folder Emulator
Mame2003plus mame2003plusmame2003plus
AdvMame advmame AdvMame
piFba pifba piFba
fbneo fbneo fbneo
lr-fbalpha lr-fbalpha lr-fbalpha
Genesis genesis Genesis Plus GX
Megadrive genesis Genesis Plus GX
Master SystemmastersystemGenesis Plus GX
Sega CD segacd Genesis Plus GX
Gamegear gamegear Genesis Plus GX
C64 C64 Vice
C64dtv C64dtv Vice
PCE pce lr-beetle-pce-fast
PCE CD pcecd lr-beetle-pce-fast
TG16 pce lr-beetle-pce-fast
SNES snes lr-snes9x-next
NES/FDS nes fceumm
NES nestopia nestopia
Atari2600 atari2600 stella
Mame2000 mame2000 mame2000
Mame2003 mame2003 mame2003
Sega 32x sega32x picodrive
Playstation psx psx

Arcade Games are sorted in rom sets. Each arcade emulator needs his own rom set, iw mame2003 needs mame2003 rom set.

Find here download links for the roms. Download the zip files and copy them into the according folder

Arcade Rom Versions

For downloading rom set basic knowledge of using zip files and how to use browser is needed. Google is your friend.

The roms will be scanned on each start of system. The game menu shows the roms in your rom folders.

For emulator specific setting refer to emulator documentation.

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