Screen Options

Select CRT Profile

Select here between the different CRT Profile setting to achive the best 15 Khz video output.

The list contains

  • consumer CRT,
  • Sony PVM BVM CRT Profile,
  • Arcade CRTs and
  • custom CRT profile.

Select what suites best for you. All profiles despite of custom comes with presetting. The custom profile can be used for your own adjusted settings.

Calibrate screen

If you use the custom CRT Profile you can calibrate your screen here with a simple 4 step dialogue. Take care, the step pitch is very fine grained.

Switch to Vertical / Horizontal Screen

Toggle H/V changes the orientation settings for your CRT on the fly.

Set Menu Overscan

Change here the Lemonlauncher overscan.

Edit Custom Resolution Table

Each emulator core can be started with custom hdmi_timings. hdmi_timings define the resolution of the screen. Edit the resolution for your needs.

Edit Arcade Resolution

If you find a rom that has a wrong resolution setting or is missing you can add and correct it here.

Flip Screen

Turns screen upside down or left right.

Turn Custom Res on and off

Toggles custom res on or off. If off only the config.txt resolution is used.

Switch to Low/High Res

Use lowres for 15 khz screens and highres for other, ie bartops with hdmi, DVI or VGA

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