regamebox.conf configuration file

All configuration parameters can be controlled via the regamebox configuration menu. Take a look at the regamebox configuration docs.

This feature is only accesible via regamebox.conf file.

Admin or Gamer mode

Admin mode has all options and themes. Gamer mode has only emulators. This is for hiding all the configuration features from users. Ie for your game party.

Set it to MODE=„admin“ or MODE=„gamer“

Automatic Refresh of Game List

Turn off or on the automatic refresh of game lists.

Set parameter to


If you want to edit the gamelist with custom modifcations, then put your games, then turn off automatic refresh and edit the list /root/.lemonlauncher/games.conf with your ie nano. Only for users who can use a text editor!

Optimized Command Shell Resolution

turns out that 50 khz is best for viewing the cmd shell. Turn it off to use the hdmi_timing given in /boot/config.txt Set parameter to opt_cmdshell_res=„Y“ or opt_cmdshell_res=„N“

Automatic Turn Screen

Some arcade cabs have a screen that can be turned by automatically. Let regamebox controls the screen and turn it via gpio pin 26. (Video)

Set parameter to auto_turn_screen=„Y“ or auto_turn_screen=„N“

Remaps of buttons in FBA

FBA has a kinky button mapping, Regambox offers premade button remaps. Take it and enjoy or leave it.

When turned off, the default fba settings are used. If you want to use premade remaps, then put this option to Y

Set parameter to REMAP_FBA=„Y“ or REMAP_FBA=„N“

Initialization of Regamebox

some setup scripts can be used at the very first start of regamebox, ie config of wifi, keyboard etc. Not used yet.


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