Picade 2 Player Version

Picade 2 Player Version by ArcadeForge.NET

Picade is the best solution using a Raspberry Pi in a Arcade Environment like Bartops, Barcade with MAME or retroarch.


  • Works with Regamebox, Recalbox, Retropie and other distributions
  • 28 Inputs possible!
  • On Board Amplifier!
  • On Board Amplifier can be controlled via Buttons. So no need to assemble a potentiometer in your cab. Just use buttons.
  • On Board Amplifier can be controlled alternatively via Software and GPIO. With this option there is no need of extra buttons fpr volume control at all.
  • Volume control otions are set on the board via DIPs. So no need to make software configurations.
  • Extra 5 Screw Terminals for GND. This make your wiring simple :)
  • Needs only 5V, So you save bare money, because you don't need a 12V PSU anymore.
  • Sound is conneced via line in headphone jack. So no GPIO are occupied by custom sound interface solution and no extra drivers or DT Overlays are neeeded.
  • Compatible to MK Arade Joystick Driver, see recalbox
  • Works with Recalbox, Retropie and other retro game rpi distributions, since picade 2 Player Arcadeforge PCB is compatible to MK Arcace Joystick Driver. Just activate this driver.
  • Compatible to Regamebox
  • Compatible to Adafruit Retrogame Driver. Just adapt the pinout to your needs. Find here a already adapted version.
  • lag less controls via wire to wire GPIO connect. No USB Lag applies
  • Extra PSU jack for 2.1mm plug inner pole plus PSU. So no need for expensive USB C based 5V 3A PSUs anymore.
  • Handling for wake up and shutdown possible

GPO Mapping Image

Pinmapping for Extra Buttons

Screw Terminal, Pin, GPIO, Comment Extra 01, Pin3, GPIO2, When Dip On connects to Volume Up

Extra 02, Pin5, GPIO3, When Dip On connects to Volume Down. Can be used to for wake up and shutdown as well

Extra 03, 27, GPIO0

Extra 04, 28, GPIO1

Extra03 and Extra04 can be used for pro developers with a EEPROM and HAT definitons. Just for info to be complete.


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