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Using Regamebox witout USB Stick

All roms stored on SD Card in the folder


Configuring and using WLAN

Follow this steps to connect your regamebox to the WLAN WIFI NETWORK

Start Regamebox with connected keyboard

1. Start WLAN Go configuration - Options Menu - System - Wifi

2. Get your IP Adress Go configuration - Options Menu - System - IP Address

Notice your IP, we use here as example.

Go to your Home PC and establish connection via

SAMBA : Connect network folder to \\\home

WINSCP Connect via sftp to with account user „root“ and pass „root“. Change to folder /home/x/rpi2jamma Find in folder roms the roms.

For Linux user: PUTTY : Login with user „x“ and pass „y“ and type in cmd shell su for superuser. Password is root

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